Wiring Looms & Harnesses

We've taken the looms we've been making by request for years, and made them available to everyone!
If you'd like a custom wiring loom, please let us know on the contact page and we will wire one up for you!


Strat loom

Onto a cardboard insert, we load a wafer 5 way switch, three CTS A250K pots, an Orange Drop Capacitor (0.047uF and 0.022uF available) and we solder it up with Gavitt cloth wire. Your choice of cream, white or black witch tip included.


The loom is designed to pop right out of the cardboard insert and pop into your existing pickguard.

We can assign tone controls to different pickups, change capacitor values, add push/pull or toggle switches, etc.

Starting at AUD$110

Shipping on looms is $15. Express post, tracked.

HSS looms also available on request.