Loaded Strat® Pickguards

Why not take the hassle out of wiring by dropping your chosen set of JJ's Guitar Pickups into a loaded pre-wired, tested pickguard?

 This includes covers, knobs, switch tip, pots, tone capacitor, Gavitt cloth wire, pickup mounting screws, wiring diagram, precision soldering throughout and full support with the installation.

In stock, we carry a limited, basic range of pickguards to suit standard USA/MIM/MIJ synchronised trem and 2 point deluxe trem equipped guitars. If you have a particular colour you're after or a Floyd Trem or other non-standard configuration, you can source your own pickguard and send it in to us, we will be happy to wire it up for you - We now stock some Floyd routed pickguards in Black or White only. All of our pickguards come with two layers of plastic film for you to remove, for a scratch free installation.
HSS - $170
SSS - $160
(includes any toggle switching, passive components, wiring mods/splits etc)

Please scroll down for colours and types!

JJ's pickguards feature quality components - CTS Audio pots, Wafer 5 way switch, Orange Drop capacitors (0.022/0.047uF) precision soldered with Gavitt cloth pushback wire. We have 8 hole (50's) and 11 hole (modern) in a range of colours - See below pics.

To order, please visit the contact page and we will see what we can do for you! - Cheers, Ben.

↓ Pickguards CURRENTLY IN STOCK, ready to build ↓

If you don't see it here, you will have to ship your own pickguard in to be wired and loaded, or we can do a cardboard insert with a wiring loom for you

Modern 11 Hole SSS

Tortoise Shell 3 ply - Black 3 ply - Single ply black - Neutral white 3 ply - Mint Green 3 ply - Aged white 3 ply - Cream 3 ply - Pearloid 3 ply.

'62 Bolt Pattern

Black 3 ply - Single ply white - Aged white 3 ply - Mint Green 3 ply

8 Hole

Single ply white - Mint Green GBG 3 ply - Aged White WBW 3 ply - Cream CBC 3 ply

HSS - All are 3 ply

Pearloid (C) - Black or White (Floyd + C) - Black or White (C or NC) - Black or White (RH) - Mint Green (NC)

HSS codes - whether a bridge humbucker cover will fit a particular pickguard

*** NC = No Cover - A Humbucker cover will not fit this pickguard

C = Cover - A Humbucker cover will fit this pickguard

RH = Rounded Hole around humbucker, a Humbucker cover will not fit

Floyd = wide route to suit Floyd Trem, covers fit these pickguards ***

11 Hole Modern pattern

On The Bench Left to right: Neutral White single ply, Neutral White 3 Ply, Parchment 3 ply, Light Mint Green, Slightly darker Mint Green, Tortoise Shell, Black 3 ply ('62/64 Pattern) and Pearloid.

8 Hole "50's" Pattern

On The Bench Left to right: Neutral White single ply, Parchment 3 ply, Mint Green 3 ply and Cream 3 ply.

Hss 3 Ply

On The Bench Left to right: Neutral White, Parchment, Black and Tortoise Shell (Out of stock). We have also Black or White for Floyd trems. We may also have Pearloid HSS available.

Available Covers, Knobs and Switch Tips

Up the back - Neutral White, Parchment, Cream. Down the front - Black and Mint Green.

Loaded Pickguards

Some of our work

Please Note: All product images are digital and are for illustration purposes only. Colours and shades may therefore vary from image/description.