Our Alnico III "1951T" Bridge Pickup with Copper Plated Steel baseplate and White string wrap


Our Alnico II "Broad Toney" Bridge Pickups with Zinc Plated Steel Baseplate and Black string wrap


Our Tele Neck pickups, the "1951T" and "Broad Toney" with different covers. Front: Silver Nickel (Shiny/Chrome look) and at the rear is our raw Nickel (Aged/worn look) cover.


1951-T (Nocaster Grail) – Early 50's tone.

1951T Bridge: Alnico III Flat-Top for country twang and treble bite with moderately high output and thicker mid-range, just like early 50s examples. Steel baseplate, string wrap and Gavitt cloth pushback wire for easy installation. The bridge pickup pairs with our neck pickup for excellent balance, tonal options and great middle position. ~ 9.5K.

1951T Neck (Formerly BluesSmith): The Alnico V Neck pickup is open, clear, present, jazzy and warm with Nickel plated silver cover available in raw or shiny Nickel 7.3K RWRP for humbucking middle position. ~ 7.3K - Available in high quality Raw Nickel or German Silver Nickel covers.

Both wound with NOS Hitachi coil wire.

Specs - Bridge ~ 9.5K, Neck ~ 7.3K - $259 per set (Prices in AUD)


'52 set - Raw Nickel cover on the neck, black string wrap on the bridge (white also available)


'52 set - Copper plated steel baseplate on the bridge and longer Alnico 3 magnets on the neck pickup.


'52 set - Ready to rock!

'52 Tele set

After doing rewinds on some older examples, we have designed a twang-banging archetypal Alnico III Tele set, with a very original name - the '52 set, on which it is based.

The bridge is rocky, powerful, lilting when coaxed and hot when you hit it. The neck has that hint of compression when you dig in, but it's quite flutey and blue for the quiet stuff. The middle position is just gorgeous. They're well balanced and sound like they should for a '52 Tele. If anybody wants a '52 spec set for good ol' county twang, please let us know!

AUD$299 a set.

Broad Toney Set

Customers who own the Fat Toney set for Strat kept asking us for the same Fat Toney sound for their Tele, so we made this set for them.

This is a set for rock and blues. They are fairly high powered and have a soft top end, for rockers who are less about twang and more about rich, rockin tones. The bridge has great note separation, pick attack and rich mids. The neck is sweet, powerful, full and touch sensitive.

$259 a set with black or white string wrap on the bridge. Raw or German Silver Nickel cover available on the neck pickup.

Bridge: 10K Alnico II, NOS Hitachi coil wire

Neck 11.2K (different wire gauge) Alnico V


AUD$259 per set

(Prices in AUD)


T-90 Simulcaster (P-90 tone for Tele)

P-90 Tone for your Tele. 

AUD$329 a SSS set

Power ✓
Clarity ✓
Dynamic ✓
Touch responsive ✓
Snarly, thick mid-range ✓

Just like the S-90 before them, these absolutely rip. We have built these from the ground up and they are like no other on the market. We have truly captured the feel of a vintage P-90 and shoehorned it into a Tele footprint. We are now taking orders for these sets.

Details on the Simulcaster page here


We can use Black or White string on your Bridge pickup, whichever you prefer.


Raw Nickel or Silver Nickel covers available for your neck pickup. We are happy to do either. We can also order in gold to match your hardware.

All of our pickups must be fitted with the supplied mounting hardware. If you have something special in mind for installation, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Thanks for checking out our humble website. Please click one of the buttons below to order. Feel free to visit our Facebook or YouTube pages. If you're after a rewind or a custom wind, please get in touch and we will help.

Cheers, Ben Bailey.

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