Hooking up your JJ's loaded pickguard

Your loaded Pickguard comes with three wires to solder into your guitar.

1 - White, this is the “Hot” wire. It comes from a lug on the volume pot and  is terminated on the “tip” terminal of the 1⁄4” jack in your guitar

2 - Black, this is the “Ground” wire. It comes from the rear of the volume pot and is terminated on the “sleeve” terminal of the 1⁄4” jack in your guitar.

3 - Another Black, also a “Ground” wire. It also comes from the rear of the volume pot and goes through the guitar body and hooks onto your tremolo claw. This wire is called the “string ground”.

If you have any problems, head into FB messenger or email us for assistance. We will be happy to talk you through the process and get you Rockin’ in no time!

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Our Standard wiring diagrams

Please click on the links below each pic to see a PDF, they may take a few seconds to load on your device.

Standard Strat - SSS wiring diagram - Click here for PDF


Standard Tele - wiring diagram - Click here for PDF


Standard Strat - 7 sound/Gilmour mod - Click here for PDF


HSS - no split (Basic 5 way) - Click here for PDF


HSS - Auto-Split Position 2 - Click here for PDF


HSS - Split via toggle/push-pull switch - Click here for PDF


Single Humbucker wiring diagram - Click here for PDF


HSH auto-split 2 & 4 - Click here for PDF


50's Style HH wiring

Click here for PDF


Modern Style HH wiring

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The 250K/500K problem - (Micawber wiring)

There a different ways to do this wiring, here's one option.

Usually a single coil likes to "see" a 250K volume pot, but the Broad Toney bridge, being around 9.5K can work quite well with a 500K volume pot. If you find the bridge too bright, just add a 470K resistor, as per the diagram. Humbuckers, in general, like to "see" 500K. If you need any help, please get in touch.

As our single coils and humbuckers are of opposing polarity, in this instance, we flip polarity of the Humbucker. Green = Hot, Black = Ground just for this installation.

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The 250K/500K problem - Another approach

If you're wiring up a guitar with two pickups, the Fender style single coil will want to "see" a 250K volume pot and the Gibson style will want to "see" 500K volume pot. One solution to this is to use a "Dual 500K/250K Split Shaft Potentiometer Model #: 0990847000" and follow the wiring diagram here. Your bridge pickup won't be too bright and your neck pickup will shine as intended.  For humbucker or P90, connect to the 500K and for all other single coils, connect to the 250K side. If you need any help, just let us know.


J-90 for Tele 3 way blade/Wafer switch

Click here for PDF version

Bass wiring


J-Bass wiring


P-Bass wiring


P-J Bass wiring

Humbucker Colour Code

JJ's four wire Humbucker Colour code. We use the same colour code as Seymour Duncan on all of our four wire humbuckers.

JJ's 2 wire Humbuckers use the shield/braid/outer wire as ground - this is connected to the back of the volume pot. The inner wire is "Hot" and is connected to a lug on the volume pot.

"Quick Connect systems"

JJ's Guitar pickups does not use quick connect or Solderless connection systems. If you're installing our pickups into a guitar that uses connectors, you may have to do some cutting, joining and heatshrinking to get it all rocking as it should. Our 4 wire humbuckers use the Seymour Duncan colour code.

To splice our pickups into an Epiphone® guitar using "Quick connect"-

Black wire from the JJ's pickup to the (small) red wire on the plug.

White wire from the JJ's pickup to the white wire on the plug.

Red wire from the JJ's pickup to the green wire on the plug.

Green wire from the JJ's pickup to the black wire on the plug.

Bare ground from the JJ's pickup to the remaining larger gauge wire on the plug (Red for bridge, black for neck pickup)

Three Wire T-Style Pickups

Three wire pickups allow all sorts of switching possibilities. Depending on the guitar, you may already have 3 wires, or may need this capability. By connecting a separate ground to the Bridge baseplate, you can ground the baseplate and then go nuts with series or phase switching. Same applies to the T-Style Neck cover, by grounding that via it's own wire, you can wire up however you like without the Neck pickup cover becoming hot (noisy).

Just say the word and we will attach a 3rd wire to your Bridge or Neck pickup! No Problemo!

You'll need to find or plan out your own wiring diagram, but we can make sure the pickups are ready for your wiring scheme!

3 Wire Telecaster Pickup

If you have any problems with your install, get in touch and Ben can talk you through it. Cheers!


Simulcaster "Treble Bleed"

If you like to ride the volume and notice your tone is getting a bit thin, this mod can be used to thicken it up.

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