Wiring Diagrams

JJ's Guitar Pickups SSS Strat Pickups

Installing your JJ's SSS pickup set - For a Standard Wiring Diagram, click here

JJ's Guitar Pickups Telecaster Nocaster Grail Bridge

Installing your JJ's TE set - For a Standard Wiring Diagram, click here

Three Wire Tele Pickups

Three wire Tele pickups allow all sorts of switching possibilities. Depending on the guitar, you may already have 3 wires, or may need this capability. By connecting a separate ground to the Bridge baseplate, you can ground the baseplate and then go nuts with series or phase switching. Same applies to the Tele Neck cover, by grounding that via it's own wire, you can wire up however you like without the Neck pickup cover becoming hot (noisy).

Just say the word and we will attach a 3rd wire to your Tele Bridge or Neck pickup! No Problemo!

You'll need to find or plan out your own wiring diagram, but we can make sure the pickups are ready for your wiring scheme!

3 Wire Telecaster Pickup

If you have any problems with your install, get in touch and Ben can talk you through it. Cheers!