Wiring Mods

Toggle switch

For 7 sound mod, or manual coil split on HSS pickguards - add $20 (fitted and tested) We use a sub-miniature C&K type switch with long life-cycles for great reliability.

Partial Split

Resistors added for partial coil shutdown on HSS bridge humbuckers - add $30 (includes toggle switch, resistors and any work carried out)

Extra tone capacitors - $10 fitted

Assignment of tone controls

Just let us know and we are happy to set up your control layout however you like, no charge. (Our typical SSS or HSS pickguard has the lower tone control to bridge pickup, upper tone control to middle and neck pickups)

Other mods -

Push/Pull pot - These fit some, but not all guitars, please let us know what you're looking for and we will come up with something for you. (Price subject to each job)

For various super-switches, series/parallel switching or other wiring schemes, please get in touch and we will see what we can do, subject to the laws of electromagnetism!

Ben Bailey is a trained IPC/MilSpec soldering instructor who has worked on the production floor building avionics, defence and satellite telecommunications equipment. Our soldering is carried out to applicable industry standards.