Ben Bailey's Custom Shop now has an offering for guitarists seeking true PAF tone - The ♛Sovereign PAF Guitar Pickup.

Inspired by players of early PAF (Kossoff, Les Paul, Knopfler etc), Ben Bailey undertook research to find his take on PAF tone. Ben started locating old Coil Winder manuals, peeling back coils and testing magnets from top reproduction PAFs made today, also buying some older Humbucker examples and examining them. We wound countless Humbuckers to learn the various aspects of true PAF tone, eventually creating our own variable tension winding system. We tested different waxes and potting techniques to suit all volume and gain levels. We worked with local gigging guitarists for objective opinions on our pickups. We even built our own proprietary gauss/degauss machine to target precise magnetic charge right where we need it and, we think, have at last created our own PAF sound.

We have our own Alnico 2 poured and rough cast for us, we have sourced the best baseplates and metallurgy from the UK and USA. Our PAFs are machine wound, just like the originals. All the critical PAF factors have been achieved and it all comes together with vibrancy and synergy.

Sovereign Humbucker Specs:

String Spacing - 50mm Neck, 52mm Bridge (49.2mm available)

DCR ~ Neck 7.7K, Bridge 8.1K

Nickel Baseplates Leg length -short or long

Alnico II rough cast

German Silver Nickel or Raw Nickel covers

USA Double black bobbins, 1215 mild carbon steel Slugs and Fillister Head pole pieces

German Elektrisola 42 AWG wire, offset wind

Mounting Machine Screw - 3-48 x 1-1/4”, Phillips, Pan Head (w/long springs to be cut to size for your guitar)

Hookup wire: 2 wire Gavitt, Cloth w/ braided shield, 22AWG stranded, Top Coat Pre-Tinned OR 4 Wire following the SD colour code.

Available in 50/52mm sets in double black or zebra. Covers in Raw Nickel or German Silver Nickel. Also available in 49.2mm zebra or Raw Nickel.

Wax potting optional from no wax, light wax, or full potting available, just let us know and we will do that for you.  2 wire recommended, but 4 wire available on request.

Sound samples are here (more to be added as we do them)

Dimensions for mounting humbuckers are here  

Ben Bailey on The Sovereign set - "It is important to retain clarity and also to nail the extra upper-mid bass that blooms on single note vibrato without the bass flapping speakers around or getting muddy, at any volume. The Sovereign also needed to sound "old" right out of the box, like a quad speaker cabinet cranked and blowing out fifty years of dust. We retained that hallmark clarity that our pickups are known for, but the pickup must work in all conditions, bedroom, DAW, live, studio, from 1 to 1000 watts and I'm proud to say, we have achieved that."