Rewinds, Repairs and Rebuilds

If you have a dead pickup you'd like to resurrect, please get in touch. We try to save any coils and parts we can and keep all rebuilds/rewinds as original as possible.

We start with assessment of your pickup on the bench. If continuity can be restored by checking solder joints and wiring, we will attempt that first. If a coil is gone for sure, we remove the wire, check gauge and type and weigh the coil to calculate spec. If TPL (Turns Per Layer) data can be retrieved, we also do that.

We will do our best to restore your pickup to its former glory and consult with you at each step. We can also do magnet/polarity flips or upgrades, recharging, 2 to 4 wire conversions and we can set up your pickup to cooperate with others you may have in a set. Wax potting is optional, just let us know if you'd like it done.

Cheers, Ben and Joe.