Repairs/rework - $50 Bench Fee

Bench Fee $50 (Included in pickup rewinds)

Example - Say you have a HSS guitar and you'd like to change the single coils. Without your humbucker on our bench, I can't say for sure which way it's been wound or put together. We won't send out a pair of single coils and leave you with an out-of-phase, noisy HSS guitar. We want you rocking, in phase and humbucking, with the best possible tone.

"But I just need an RWRP middle, don't I? Isn't there some standard for this?" I hear you ask. Unfortunately not. We're told that we need "reverse wound, reverse polarity" for a middle position pickup, but reverse to what? There's no industry standard for this stuff. The only way to accurately tell 100% what's going on with pickups is to ascertain coil wind direction and magnetic polarity with test equipment here on the bench.

If you send in your HSS pickguard for a pair of single coils, we will need to test the humbucker, amend our single coil designs to suit, then wind Middle & Neck pickups for your guitar. We may need to make alterations to your wiring or add some passive components to ensure that your set function as intended. While we are there, we can check your magnets, touch up any poor or corroded solder joints, replace any bits of wire that might need it and if need be, replace any components that are not functional.

The $50 bench fee covers electrical, magnetic and mechanical testing, also consumables like Solder, Heat-Shrink, Wire and any work required. If any passive parts are needed (Pots, Switches, Capacitors etc) we will be in touch to see what you would like to do. We do the job once and do it right to ensure trouble-free operation for years to come. When a pickguard leaves the bench, it will be functioning in optimal condition. That's the way it should be!

Whether you're buying pickups from us, or just want to sort out a wiring issue, replace a single pickup or sort a scratchy pot, send in your pickguard and we shall get it rocking for you!

Cheers, Ben Bailey.