Pickups for Telecaster™


1951-T – This set are based on the Blackguard guitars of the early 50’s.

Bridge: Alnico III Flat-Top for country twang and treble bite with moderately high output and thicker mid-range, just like early 50s examples. Steel baseplate, cotton string wrap and Gavitt cloth pushback wire throughout. The bridge pickup pairs with our neck pickup for excellent balance, tonal options and great middle position. ~ 9.5K – (The Grail Bridge pickup)

Neck: The Alnico V Neck pickup is open, clear, present, jazzy and warm with Nickel plated silver cover available in raw or shiny Nickel 7.3K RWRP for humbucking middle position. Several original neck pickups were checked for spec to create this authentic sounding neck pickup. ~ 7.3K - Available in high quality Raw Nickel or German Silver Nickel covers.

Specs - Bridge ~ 9.5K, Neck ~ 7.3K - $249 per set (Prices in AUD)

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