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Feel Free to browse our Telecaster Single Coil pickups. Demos for these models are in the works. Customer feedback on Tele sets has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Our Single coils for Tele

Feel free to check out some of our work, from bobbin assembly, coil winding, cloth vintage wire to wax potting.

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JJ's Guitar Pickups Nocaster Telecaster Grail Bridge Pickup

Nocaster Grail Bridge

Nocaster Grail Bridge - This is based on the bridge overwound “mistake” pickup made back in the early 50’s. Alnico III for country twang and treble bite with more output and thicker midrange than typical early 50s examples. Copper plated steel baseplate and string wrap, this pickup pairs with the BluesSmith neck pickup for excellent balance, tonal options and great middle position.

JJ's Guitar Pickups BluesSmith Telecaster set

The BluesSmith

The BluesSmith - This set are designed for blues and rock players who aren’t looking for loads of treble bite or country twang. Alnico II bridge pickup is versatile, with rich complex overtones and has a copper-plated steel baseplate with string wrap. The Alnico V '53 Neck pickup is well matched, open, clear, present, jazzy and warm with Nickel plated silver cover available in raw or shiny Nickel. RWRP for humbucking middle position.

JJ's Guitar Pickups Telecaster Nocaster Neck Pickup Nickel German Silver

Neck - '53 Standard Wind

Neck pickups to match up perfectly with our Bridge pickups. We took a wide sample of specs we collected from the early 1950's and averaged those to come up with a neck pickup that's jazzy, warm, clear and present. Covers available in German Silver Nickel or Raw Nickel. These pair up with our BluesSmith or Grail Bridge pickups to work in humbucking mode (RWRP) If you have something else in mind or non-RWRP, we can custom wind for you!

JJ's Guitar Pickups - Hot Blues '59 Hand-Wound pickups

Customer Service & warranty

All JJ's Guitar Pickups and loaded pickguards come with a 12 month return-to-base warranty on parts and workmanship. If anything goes wrong, we've got your back.

We have Demos, specs and pictures available to aid in your choice of pickups. If for any reason you're unhappy with the tone you've been provided, get in touch and we can either wind something new or tweak specs until it sounds as it should. At JJ's, we look after our customers.

A note on parts - JJ's Guitar Pickups is an online only business, shipping pickups to customers. Unfortunately, we can't work on instruments or sell guitar parts separately as we only keep a small inventory to service those buying pickups or loaded pickguards.We would love to work on your instruments and to be able to fit our pickups and pickguards, hopefully this may happen in the future!

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