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Our Single Coils for Strat

Feel free to check out some of our work, from bobbin assembly, coil winding, cloth vintage wire to wax potting.

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JJ's Guitar Pickups Sweet '62 pickups


For fans of music created with guitars built around the '62 period. Alnico II for soft treble, copper wire sourced in Melbourne, Australia. Copper plated Steel baseplate on the 5% hotter bridge pickup. Brett Kingman demos them here:

JJ's Guitar Pickups Hot Blues '59    


SRV tones. Alnico V, based on a genuine 59 set that Ben Bailey was lucky enough to have documented. This set are versatile, powerful, dynamic and clear. Great for Blues, Rock, clean or overdriven, these are our most popular go-to Alnico pickup for many guitar players. See Ricardo Espinha demo them here, first clean, then with overdrive: 

JJ's Guitar Pickups Fat Toney set

The Fat Toney

Created in conjunction with Adelaide guitarist Stefan Hauk, the Fat Toney set offer authentic fat tone at bedroom, studio or high gig volumes. No harsh treble, open and smoky sounding. Alnico II symmetrical magnet stagger for righties and lefties alike.

See Stefan playing this set:

First up - Stefan playing direct into an audio interface via an effects unit.

Second - The original Fat Toney set that Ben Bailey did with Stefan.

Third - Stefan playing a bit of SRV through his Fender amp.

JJ's Guitar Pickups V12 Black Strat David Gilmour Set

The V12 Set

Fans of Mr. Gilmour have spoken. They want the iconic tones from his Black guitar and Ben Bailey delivered the V12 set. The V12 set features powerful alnico V, a period correct neck and reverse wound middle, topped off with a bridge pickup powerful enough to rival most humbuckers. Hear Brett Kingman demo the V12 set here:

JJ's Guitar Pickups Hot Blues '59

Customer Service & warranty

All JJ's Guitar Pickups come with a 12 month return-to-base warranty on parts and workmanship. If anything goes wrong, we've got your back.

We have Demos, specs and pictures available to aid in your choice of pickups. If for any reason you're unhappy with the tone you've been provided, get in touch and we can either wind something new or tweak specs until it sounds as it should. At JJ's, we look after our customers.

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