Pickups for STRATOcaster™

Hot blues '59 MK II

Hot Blues '59 MKII - Based on a genuine 1959 set we were lucky enough to document.

Alnico V - The go-to Blues and Rock pickup for SRV. These pickups can handle gorgeous cleans and face-melting overdrive. Everything an Alnico V pickup should be.

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$249 a set - Please get in touch to order your set. (Prices in AUD)


An original creation in conjunction with Adelaide guitarist, Stefan Hauk. A complete Alnico II set for wide open, smoky tones that are never harsh or shrill at any volume. This set sound big and musical, incorporating a copper-plated steel baseplate on the bridge pickup for complex, mid rich, fat tones. Recommended for fans of Mayer, SRV and Blackmore.

Specs - Neck 6.35K, Middle 6.35K, Bridge ~ 9.5K - $249 a set (Prices in AUD)

The V12 Set

Our take on Mr. Gilmour’s classic Alnico V set in his custom shop black guitar. The Neck pickup is based on 50’s specs, the middle on a ’69 pickup and the bridge uses different wire to create a massive crunch tone, rivaling most humbuckers.

Specs - Neck 6.0K Middle 5.8K, Bridge ~12.7K - $249 a set (Prices in AUD)

The Sweet '62 Set

An Alnico II set for sweet, funky tones and heaps of sustain. Magnets individually calibrated and aged for a sound that jumps straight out of the early 60s. A great choice for players looking to nail sounds from Knopfler and Chili fans alike.

Specs - Neck 6.3K, Middle 6.3K, Over-wound Bridge 6.8K. $249 a set (Prices in AUD)

The Arnold's '54 Set

Alnico III 50's tone - rings like a bell.

"Arnold's '54 set. As per 1954, all three pickups are identical in wind and output, middle RWRP. Alnico III magnets custom made for us in the home of British steel, Sheffield, UK. You might see the magnets protruding from the lower side of the pickup. We carried out loads of prototyping, listening tests and mathematical modelling to reduce internal phase cancellation within the pickup. The result is a very pure sound that allows big, dreamy chords, great single note definition and great dynamics. They're an honest transducer. From the lightest touch to the heaviest strum, they put out what you put in."

Swampy neck pickup, open and wide middle, and a clear bridge pickup, a well balanced and melodic set. These have the "bounce" that early examples were known for.

$249 a set (Prices in AUD)

covers for your single coil pickups

Up the back - Neutral White, Parchment, Cream. Down the front - Black and Mint Green.

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