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Brett takes the new J-90 for a spin!

Demo One, with chat.

J-90 Demo Two

J-90 Jam, no chat.

DeMO Three

J-90 Clean demo with Brett's "CloudBurgzst" preset.

**Please Note -We do not offer Dogear or Noiseless versions at this stage**

Metric 50mm Neck/52mm Bridge also available.

Ever since I began making guitar pickups, I've had requests for P-90 pickups. We've been wanting to add them to our line up for a while. After all, they are one of the most versatile pickups around.

So, we tried all the available commercial parts, kits, wire types and magnets in the search for the best quality pickup we could offer our customers. We ended up embarking on a long journey, assembling our own laser cutter, locating the best Australian Made fibreboard, and designing our own premium J-90 pickups from the ground up.


Soapbar in Cream


Soapbar in Black

Our J-90 Specs and sound:

* Soapbar design in cream and black only at this stage. We plan to add more designs and options as they become available.

Neck pickup; sand cast Alnico II, Plain Enamel coil wire, 7.7K in 

Available in 49.2mm and 50/52mm spacing.

The neck pickup is a very important one to get just right. The very first examples were installed alone, in the neck position, they had to be a very versatile pickup. The J-90 neck pickup is jazzy and clear. It's never harsh in treble or boomy in the bass end. This pickup covers territory from the 1940s to the present day, jazz, blues, and under applied gain it is creamy with great sustain.

Bridge pickup; Alnico IV, Plain Enamel coil wire, 8.8K

Available in 49.2mm and 50/52mm spacing.

The Bridge pickup is rich and jangly with the character only unpotted pickups provide. It's never thin sounding, nor is it boomy and overbearing. It's dynamic, responsive to pick attack or fingers and it responds to volume control adjustment very well.

These are a well balanced, RWRP set for humbucking in the middle position. Not wax potted (available on request).

49.2mm and metric 50/52mm sets available.


$279 a set (prices in AUD * international customers please get in touch for a shipping quote)

Singles $140 with cover.

J-90 Installation Procedure              Click here

The Production Process

Each pickup is assembled by hand, one at a time with the finest attention to detail. We believe we have achieved world class standards in build quality, reliability and most importantly, sound.

Our bobbins and wooden spacers are made in house to custom specs. We draw up our own files to cut the flatwork, giving us complete control over the pickup's dimensions. Then we glue the bobbins together taking care to align the wooden spacer for a true spinning bobbin once it's on the winder. We use USA made mild steel keeper bar and 1018 steel filister head screws. Each pickup is fitted with a pair of our custom UK made, sand-cast alnico bar magnets that are charged in-house, then the pickup is wound with plain enamel wire. We've studied the intricacies of P90 coils at great length, and we believe we have a machine wound coil that's very close to original designs. We use genuine Gavitt push-back braided two conductor wire for easy connection into your guitar.

Cheers, Ben Bailey.

Note: We do not offer noiseless deigns at this stage, maybe later!