HSS - Choose any of our Middle & Neck single coils and add a Bridge Humbucker. POA depending on models chosen.

Vintage Output set - Sovereign Bridge Humbucker in 52mm for Strat®, around 8.2K Alnico II with your choice of any of our single coils in middle and neck positions. The Sovereign humbucker covers material from Jazz, Blues, stoner rock, punk, grunge, rock 'n' roll through to thrash metal. Single coils as per the demos and single coil page.

High Output set - click on the link to see The Neptune HSS Set

We have some 11 hole HSS pickguards in stock. For $160 we can load your HSS set into a pickguard featuring CTS pots, Wafer 5 way switch, Orange Drop capacitor and we can make sure all the HSS switching works perfectly, ready to drop into your guitar and rock on!

We carry a limited range of pickguards to suit standard USA/MIM/MIJ synchronised trem and 2 point deluxe trem equipped guitars. If you have a Floyd Trem or other non-standard configuration, you can source your own pickguard and send it in to us, we will be happy to wire it up for you!

Please get in touch to order a set for your guitar.

details - string spacing and Wiring up your hss guitar

Coil Splitting - Coil splitting is when the Humbucker series link wires (red & white) are sent to ground via a toggle switch or push pull pot. In the most common operation, this shuts off the bridge screw coil (closest to the guitar's bridge) and permits only the slug coil to operate. The slug coil, in combination with the middle pickup (position 2, split) offers the familiar clucky sounds we are familiar with in SSS guitars. The toggle switch or push-pull pot can then be switched for full humbucker power.

How to split -

"Auto-split" - Position 1 is full humbucker, position 2 is bridge slug coil and middle pickup. Easy! No toggle or push-pull pots are required, just a standard 5 way switch to get rockin. This is a simple and reliable setup for most guitarists.

Manual coil split - via toggle switch or push-pull pot. We can send out instructions on how to do this mod. As there are so many different guitars, cavity depths, pot types, switch heights and wood thicknesses out there, you'll have to locate a suitable push-pull pot or toggle switch for your particular guitar. Once you have the parts, we will be more than happy to help you get it going. If you're buying a loaded pickguard from us, we can install and test all the switching you might like.

Other considerations -

4 wire connection - For our HSS sets, the Humbucker will be offered with 4 wire connection to enable splits etc. For simple two wire operation, the red & white wires (series link) can be taped up and set aside without any issues.

Is there room for HSS in your guitar? Please check your guitar and if it has a pickguard take a peep under it to see that your guitar body has been routed to accept a HSS configuration, because it would suck to have to route out loads of wood to fit a humbucker in. :( If you already have a top loader guitar (no pickguard) in HSS, or a HSS with pickguard, chances are our pickups and pickguards will fit. Our Humbuckers are supplied with the longer height adjustment screws. These may need trimming down with hefty side-cutters or pliers to fit into your guitar. We've found it's better to have too much than not enough when it comes to humbucker screws.

String spacing - We offer bridge humbuckers in 52.4mm for HSS. This size works well in most Strat® or most modern aftermarket/copy type guitars.

Humbucking features - We use particular coil wind directions to achieve humbucking in positions 2 and 4 and of course, when the full humbucker is in operation.

There are many, many ways to wire up your guitar so we can't always help you to achieve all of them. However, we have resources, diagrams, links to other resources and for our existing customers we will always support you to achieve the tones or wiring you're after.

Wiring Diagrams and colour codes are supplied with purchase. 

And as always, if you get stuck just let us know. We are always happy to help!

Cheers, Ben and Joe.

All of our pickups must be fitted with the supplied mounting hardware. If you have something special in mind for installation, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.