Neptune HSS Hi-Output Set

A shameless tribute to the early 80's HSS guitars we know and love - The Neptune set are a high output, HSS set designed for hard rock n roll playing. Brett Kingman takes them for a spin.

Bridge Humbucker - Degaussed Alnico II 14.4K

Middle (RWRP) single coil - Degaussed Alnico II 14.5K

Neck single coil - Degaussed Alnico II 14.5K

Humbucker available separately.

Customers were asking us for this bridge pickup, so we have built on our Sovereign Humbucker design and developed a Bridge Humbucker that offers rich and powerful rock tones, right out of 1984. The Neptune humbucker has power, rich growly mids and retains sparkle. It's dynamic and responsive to volume control adjustments. Specs: ~ 14.4K, Alnico II (Degaussed) Sheffield, UK made rough cast bar magnet, 1215 steel Slugs and pole Screws, short-leg nickel baseplate. Hand-made in Australia by Ben Bailey, the Neptune Humbucker is available for individual purchase. Apply gain to taste.

Humbucker options - The Neptune Humbucker is available in 2 or 4 wire connection and 50mm or 52mm pole spacing. If you're building a tribute guitar, just let us know which pole spacing you prefer and we shall spin one up for you. Wax potted or unpotted available. Double Black 50 or 52mm - $160ea

For HSS setups - Middle and Neck single coils. Preserving the volume pot taper is very important for volume swells and constant adjustments, so we designed a pair of single coil pickups for high output, that work nicely to keep up with the Neptune Bridge Humbucker. They're touch sensitive and dynamic under the fingers, and they retain their true single coil tone. Alnico II, 14.5K. Single Coils - Middle and Neck - $160 the pair ($80ea)

HSS Loaded Pickguards - Our loaded pickguards are precision soldered and feature CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitor, 5 way wafer switch, AWG22 Gavitt cloth wire (where applicable. For HSS we use AWG22 PVC wire as it fits easily into guitar cavities) Add a loaded pickguard to your set - HSS Loaded Pickguard $150, complete, tested, ready to install.

In stock, we have a limited range of pickguards to suit standard USA/MIM/MIJ synchronised trem and 2 point deluxe trem equipped guitars. If you have a Floyd Trem, you will have to source your own pickguard and send it in to us, we will be happy to wire it up for you.

Wiring mods: We offer coil splitting, partial splits, treble bleeds, 7 sound mod, assignment of tone controls (Bridge tone control etc). We can also mix and match any of our pickups in a loaded HSS or SSS pickguard at no additional cost. If you've seen a demo or spec you like and you want a Fat Toney in the neck and a V12 in the middle, no problem, we can do that for you!

Thanks for looking, cheers, Ben.