About us

JJ's Guitar Pickups began in 2018 as the hobby business "Ben Bailey Guitar Pickups". As word began to spread about the kinds of tones Ben was able to get, customer demand increased and Joe was asked to help fill orders. Joe took on the business and JJ's Guitar Pickups was born.

Joe builds and winds Single Coil pickups and assembles loaded pickguards at his workshop. Ben spends most of his time prototyping new pickup models, buried in Engineering literature, performing rewinds and makes all the Humbucking designs.

Ben Bailey brings over 30 years experience in the electronics industry to every pickup he makes. Trained in Military Spec and IPC soldering, Ben has worked making by hand, Antenna Coils, Transformers and Inductors for the Satellite Telecommunications Industry. He's also been a musician for over 40 years with experience in mixing live sound.

Joe (JJ) is experienced in guitar pickup making and soldering. Fully trained by Ben, he brings solid experience and excellent soldering to every pickup he makes, or pickguard he assembles.

Email at: jjsguitarpickups at gmail dot com or fill in the contact form here