I began making pickups for local musicians as a hobby, simply because I am driven by a passion for great tone. In remembering what it was like becoming a young musician, I hope to keep music and the passion for it alive in all musicians today, especially the emerging ones who may benefit from quality sound.

A bit of history: I began working with transducers in recording studios in the early 1980s. Curious about improving transducer designs, I made my first microphone/pickup system from local valve radio parts around 1985. I went on to play many instruments, record in studios, mix live sound, gig in bands and amass quite a collection of fine amplifiers, speakers, and guitars. Driven by passion for quality sound, I have performed many guitar pickup swaps and wiring mods. I later gained qualifications in Luthiery, Electronics Engineering, Soldering rework and repair and have worked in the Satellite industry making antenna coils, inductors and transformers to a high technical standard. I know a good coil!

In applying these skills, I have built a guitar signal path almost from beginning to end, making a complete finished guitar from raw timber, built the pickups, the preamp and power amplifiers. Perhaps building a signal chain end to end offers further insight into pickups and how they work within systems. I hope one day to be able to make a speaker.

Cheers - Ben Bailey.

Joe (JJ) - Let me introduce you to Joe. He is a lot younger than I and he's up on all things internet, and current trends in guitar. He handles forward facing customer service, invoicing and the general business side of things. This gives me more time to prototype and perfect new pickup designs, I've taught Joe how to make all the pickups we do and together we continue his training on pickups. He brings to the role an ability to listen to what guitarists want and guide them through the purchase and shipping process. From his fully equipped workshop Joe is also able to turn up a set of fine single-coil pickups for you. He's quite good at it!

For purchasing inquiries, invoicing and shipping, please contact Joe.

For those technical, engineering and tone questions, please contact Ben Bailey.

Email at: jjsguitarpickups at gmail dot com or fill in the contact form here